The negative implications of internet piracy

Online internet piracy refers to when one infringes or violates the rights of another person’s work, be it in publications, music, movies or any idea or innovations that has been registered and posted on the ineternet by an individual as the sole owner or partners in the case of two people coming up with the idea or innovation.

With the new information technology, many people have adopted new tactics of infringing on other people’s work, especially with the aid of the internet. With a click of a mouse one is able to access any unprotected work on the internet.

There are many people visiting the internet with malicious intentions. Some visit for just the sake of curiosity with no harm in mind, although they are still violating copyright rights of an individual, or still with ignorance of not knowing they are being involved in online piracy.

Whatever the reason one is doing while visiting other people’s work especially without their consent, the bottom line is that he or she is violating the right to benefit from his work. Once one’s work is accessed he or she stands a chance of not maximumly benefiting from his ideas or efforts.He loses much in terms of money or fame.This is because the intruders starts distributing and selling the original work which drasstically affects the maximum sales to the original owner.

The number of innovators decreases enormously due to discouragement they get from low sales or profits from their efforts.This in turn affects the number of new ideas and innovations, be it in entertainment or education industry. Online piracy can still be saved to allow people benefit from the efforts, a possibility that many people are still debating.

One can secure his work by use of passcodes or encript his work. Furthermore, engage online identity theft protection services, install antiviruses, anti-malware and spyware in computers to prevent online internet piracy of vital information.